February 23rd

Enrich Marriage Seminar is an opportunity for you and your spouse to take time away from the day to day to enrich and strengthen your marriage relationship. Our goal is not only to empower your marriage with insight and resources but also to provide a time for you to relax, laugh and enjoy great company.

Three of our sessions will be together with you and your spouse, and one session will be split with men and women meeting separately. Thoughtful listening is encouraged and time will be given for questions and answers.

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What To Expect

- Schedule -

8:30 AM : Doors open

9:00 AM : Welcome, Group Session 1

10:20 AM : Men and Women Split Session 2

11:30 AM : Lunch

12:30 PM : Panel Session 3

1:45 PM : Group Session 4

2:30 PM : Dismissal

- About Our Speakers -

Bobby Bogard has over 43 years of ministry that spans a broad range of specialized areas within church and non-profit organizations. His experience includes 25 years of senior level leadership within mega-church and multi-site environments. Bobby has been a “pastor to pastors” throughout his ministry. His calling is to be a “father to the fatherless.” He is passionate about approaching leadership from a generational perspective.

Bobby and his wife, Rose (better known as The Beautiful Rose of Texas), founded The Bogard Group because they believe “Every Leader Matters”. The Bogards never want to see a leader or pastor lead alone. They desire to maximize their comprehensive experience to see every leader and organization achieve the passionate mission that compelled them to exist. They believe healthy growing leaders will lead healthy growing churches and organizations which are the hope of the world!